June 25, 2010

WWE Smackdown Recap & Review: The Undertaker Mystery

Opening Segment
CM Punk went to the ring and told the audience that he was going to win his fourth straight edge world championship.
CM Punk said that he would have made The Undertaker tap again at Fatal Four Way pay-per-view.
The arena lights went out and a dark figure that appeared to be The Undertaker was standing in the center of the ring. CM Punk acted like he was scared initially. He then walked up to The Undertaker and shoved him. The Undertaker took off his hat and wig and revealed that it was Luke Gallows. Punk and Gallows laughed in the ring.
The arena lights went red with a blast of fire as Kane made his way to the ring. SES and Jack Swagger subsequently attacked him. It was apparently a set-up to get back at Kane for last week’s beat down.
Big Show and Rey Mysterio ran into the ring and broke up the beating. SES and Swagger took flight up to the stage.
Mysterio proceeded to hit the 619 on Kane. Then the Big Show delivered a choke slam. Big Show screamed at Kane and reminded him that he didn’t have anything to do with what happened to The Undertaker.

CM Punk is one of the best heels in the WWE right now. If Swagger doesn’t walk away with the strap, I can see Punk being crowned the new champion. Regardless of the outcome, it’s apparent that Kane will feud with the winner.
The payback by the Fatal Four Way participants was a nice touch. Good segment all and all.

MVP & Christian Vs. Hawkins & Archer Match
Christian started the match with Curt Hawkins. Hawkins shoved Christian but paid for it when he received a slap and a drop toehold.
MVP was tagged in and aggressively went after Hawkins. MVP landed a big boot on Archer and sent Hawkins to the outside. MVP and Christian executed a double body press on the Gatekeepers to the ring floor.
Hawkins worked on MVP’s left arm before he tagged in Archer.
Archer placed MVP in a hammerlock as he was wrapped up in the rope. He then dropped MVP with an arm lock shoulder drop. Archer tagged in Hawkins, who then received a jawbreaker from MVP.
MVP tagged in Christian who rallied against Hawkins.
Christian attempted the Kill Switch while the referee was distracted. Archer intervened and laid Christian out with a reverse DDT. Hawkins got the win after landing an off-the-top rope elbow drop.
MVP continued to battle with Archer, who eventually hit him with the reverse DDT. Archer added insult to injury by dropping off-the-top rope elbow drop.

I can’t believe that Christian has been reduced to jobbing to a new tag team. He would have been a better choice, in my opinion, for the Fatal Four Way than Rey Mysterio.
MVP has fallen quite a bit as well. The days of his United States Championship reign seem very long ago.
Archer and Hawkins are going by the lame name of The Gatekeepers. They were pretty impressive and entertaining.
Archer’s finisher isn’t something we haven’t seen before, but he does it more viciously than Sting has ever executed it.
Hawkins’ off-the-top rope elbow drop is a lame finisher. He does it well, but nowhere near the magnitude that Shawn Michaels used to drop it.
Match Rating: 7/10

Lay-Cool and Rosa Backstage Segment
Lay-Cool and Kaval were walking backstage when Rosa stops them.
Rosa suggested that she could be “Famous and Flawless.”
Lay-Cool responded by insulting Rosa and telling her that “the joker called he said he wants his make-up back.”
Lay-Cool then asked Rosa when the last time she won a match. Rosa ran off crying.

Lay-Cool is doing the “Beautiful People” angle better than the Beautiful People. I liked the “Mean Girls” angle better when they were picking on Mickie James.
Their segments would be better if they took some acting lessons and didn’t come off so annoying. The BFF Women’s Championship angle is pretty (Lay) cool though.

Guerrero and Ziggler Backstage Segment
Chavo Guerrero tried to speak to Vicki Guerrero but Dolph Ziggler distracted her. Ziggler appears and is wearing daisy dukes and a tool belt. Vicki asked him to hang up a picture of herself and Ziggler.
Chris Masters walked in and told her that he had a match idea. He quickly realized that Vicki was distracted and left.

I think we get the cougar angle already. It was nice to see Masters make an appearance on TV that wasn’t Superstars.

JTG Vs. Chavo Guerrero Match
Guerrero tricked JTG from the start by pointing to his laces and landed a kick to the gut.
JTG turned around the match when he put his knees up to defend himself from the slingshot senton bomb.
JTG hit a blockbuster neck breaker.
JTG hit the Mug Shot but Guerrero kicked out.
JTG executed his finisher for the win.

JTG really needs to braid his hair or cut it short because he looks awful. The match was quick and to the point.
There was nothing spectacular about the match. At least he didn’t botch his finisher this week.
So they fired Shelton Benjamin and now we get matches like this. Good luck in the TNA Gold Standard.
Match Rating: 5/10

Drew McIntyre Vs. Teddy Long Match
McIntyre told Long that he intended to tear him from limb to limb. He said that he enlisted the help of private security to surround the ring so there isn’t any outside interference from Matt Hardy and Kofi Kingston.
McIntyre told Long that he would give him an opportunity to get out of the match. McIntyre asked Long to get on his knees. Long got on his knees reluctantly. McIntyre demanded that Long state that he is the Chosen One where Long complied.
McIntyre told Long to get down in the middle of the ring. McIntyre called Long “pathetic” and put his boot on Long’s chest for the three-count.
McIntyre grabbed Long and appeared that he was going to his double-arm DDT. Kofi Kingston attempted to intervene when he was held back by security. McIntyre landed some shots on Kingston as security held him.
Matt Hardy attacked McIntyre from the crowd and tackled him to the ground. Security held Hardy so that Kingston could head butt him. McIntyre rolled Hardy into the ring and delivered a double-arm DDT.
Security rolled Kingston into the ring. McIntyre dropped Kingston with a double-arm DDT.
McIntyre raises his hand in victory over both Hardy and Kingston.

The whole show was full of highlights to sell this match. I didn’t think that the match would do anything for McIntyre when I heard the match announced last week. But the match followed with McIntyre beating down both Hardy and Kingston, which made him look like a vicious heel.
I have heard that McIntyre was in line for the world championship but they changed their minds and gave the strap to Swagger. The thought was that McIntyre wasn’t building enough heat as a heel. His momentum right now could take him to a championship very soon.
Kingston is the intercontinental champion but I think that most people believed that he would make a run at the WWE championship when he was feuding with Randy Orton.
Match Rating: 1/10 (the post-match gets a 7/10)

Layla El Vs. Kelly Kelly Match
Layla put Kelly in a headlock followed by a unique roll-up.
Kelly escaped an arm tie up utilizing the rope. She followed it with a press then bounced Layla’s head off the mat. Kelly dropkicked Layla onto the outside.
Kelly went for a springboard in the corner but missed. She still delivered a kick to send Layla on the mat.
McCool distracted Kelly but Tiffany dropped McCool on the outside. Layla kicked Tiffany to the ground.
Layla attempted to finish Kelly with the Lay Out but Kelly reversed it. Kelly got the victory with the K2 over the women’s champion.

The TNA Knockouts are not in any way entertaining anymore.
Kelly Kelly’s victory wasn’t surprising since Layla needed a number one contender.
Kelly Kelly’s ring work has improved by leaps and bounds. Her clotheslines were terrible but other than that, her timing was excellent.
Tiffany is a future champion. She has the look and has decent mat skills.

Jack Swagger Back Stage Segment
Swagger told the story about how his dad told him not to settle for the silver medal. He said that he would dedicate his victory at Fatal Four Way to his dad.
Match Rating: 7/10

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Chris Masters Match
Vicki Guerrero introduced Dolph Ziggler for the match.
Ziggler hammered Masters and put him in an arm lock to wear him down.
Masters reversed the arm lock and used a sling shot to the corner on Ziggler. Masters dropped Ziggler with some shoulder blocks and landed a sidewalk slam.
Masters attempted a running power slam when Ziggler locked in the sleeper hold.
Masters used his power to get out of the sleeper hold. Masters locked in the Master Lock but Ziggler got the ropes to break it up.
Ziggler finished Masters with the Zig Zag to get the victory.

It was surprisingly a very entertaining match. I expected it to be a squash match to promote Ziggler. Instead it was competitive and even showcased Masters breaking out of Ziggler’s sleeper hold.
I am a fan of Ziggler’s character and ring skills. It’s a shame that it will take the Cougar storyline to get him a singles championship.
Let’s hope that it pays off like it did for Edge.
Match Ratings: 8/10

(WC) Jack Swagger & CM Punk Vs. Rey Mysterio & Big Show Match
Swagger and Mysterio start the match. Swagger drove Mysterio to his corner where he tagged in CM Punk.
Punk drove his shoulder into Mysterio’s gut in the corner.
Mysterio executed a snap mare on Punk and followed it with a leg drop.
Punk attempted a sunset flip but Mysterio rolled out of it. Mysterio tried to remove Punk’s mask and followed Punk to the outside. He was the victim of a devastating clothesline from Luke Gallows.
Swagger tossed Mysterio across the ring. He used the Vader Bomb to further inflict pain on Mysterio.
Mysterio countered Swagger with an X-factor face plant. He tagged in Big Show.
Big Show ran over Swagger and went for a choke slam. Swagger would have none of it and delivered DDT.
Big Show tagged in Mysterio. Swagger went for the gut wrench power bomb but Mysterio reversed it into a neck breaker variation. Mysterio pinned the world champion for the win.
Kane attacked the participants once again. He last dropped Mysterio with the Tombstone pile driver.
The show ended with Kane paying respect to an empty coffin.

Mysterio was in the match the majority of the time. Big Show was only in the match for a choke slam attempt.
Mysterio has now pinned Swagger twice since he has been champion.
I wonder when they are going to let the World Champion actually win a match.
Match Rating: 6/10

Final Thoughts
The show was more entertaining than last week. It was nowhere near the show from two weeks ago when Kane vowed vengeance.
Let’s hope the outcome of this Kane/Taker story line doesn’t disappoint us. Remember when it was revealed that Rikishi was responsible for running over Steve Austin?
Triple H could be responsible for the attack. He had motive since Undertaker is the reason why his best friend was forced to retire at Wrestlemania.
Kane himself could be responsible and is only seeking out the attacker as a way to push away suspicion.
It feels like a game of CLUE on Friday nights. Who is responsible for The Undertaker’s vegetative state?

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