June 09, 2010

NXT Season 2 Recap & Review

The show opened with the introduction of the pros and their rookies.

The host, Matt Stryker, advised the WWE Universe that the vote would consist of the pros and the WWE Universe sharing a fifty-fifty result. The first vote will be in three weeks and the first elimination would be on week six.

As Stryker attempted to end the segment, Husky Harris grabbed the microphone and rambled. This led Titus O’Neal to push Harris and take the microphone. A shoving match ensued between all the NXT rookies.

Michael Cole and Josh Matthews commented on the attack of John Cena by the NXT Season 1 graduates...... For More check out http://bleacherreport.com/articles/403361-nxt-season-2-review-when-pros-attack

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