April 30, 2010

Yawkey Way's Wicked Awesome No.1

Fantasy Baseball: Yawkey Way’s Wicked Awesome

The 2010 baseball season is under way and I am as excited as opening day. My fantasy baseball team, Yawkey Way’s Wicked Awesome, is currently tied for first place.

I am going with power on the batting side and a huge pitching staff that includes the nine allotted hurlers with the addition of four bench pitchers. Looks like my strategy is paying off thus far, but it’s still early in the season.

MLB Soup.com

I sent in my weekly articles focusing on the stellar performances from hitters and pitchers for the past week titled Hot Streak Report and Top Guns. There is also a piece spotlighting those who aren’t contributing to their teams appropriately named Major Slump Report.

I am preparing for my first monthly installment of MLB Rock Stars of April article. Keeping with the others I’ve written, this series will focus on the top producers for each position each month.


I haven’t written my The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 recap. I’ve done this recap since the season started but I’ve been crazy busy this week with my mother-in-law’s wedding this Saturday.


I have been tasked by my mother-in-law to provide the music for her ceremony and photography. The photos will be a piece of wedding cake but the music may be tougher.

I received the list of the songs she wants me to play about a week ago not giving me a lot of time to prepare.

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned that I am going to be playing the six-string and singing at this wedding. That’s the way I prefer to address it rather than simply being the “Wedding Singer”. Being a kid who played in a pop-punk band when I was younger, the term “Wedding Singer” has a negative connotation. The Wedding Singer was good movie though.

That leads me to my mission for the next few weeks.

Reel Sports

I plan on watching all of the best sports movies and comprise an all-time list for an article.

The first movie will be The Natural starring Robert Redford.