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May 09, 2010

Reel Sports: Hoosiers

Reel Sports: Hoosiers

Cast: Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, and Barbara Hershey

The Los Angeles Times considered this flick "The best sports movie ever made" at the time of it's release. It was also nominated for two Oscars.

The movie starts out with Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) at the school and eventually meeting a not so sweet female teacher.

Dale makes it out to the court and puts the acting coach in his place, which is off the team. This scene I think the writer intended to let us know that Dale doesn't take any flack and means business.

Of course the players don't accept Dale and rebel at first. This causes the team to perform poorly and turning the fans against the coach.

Dale's checkered past about his suspension due to behavioral issues comes to light. The checkered past turns out to be petty stuff.

The drunk made assistant coach was a nice sub-plot.

The small town residents apparently breaths high school basketball. I started thinking Friday Night Lights and We Are Marshall when the town meeting scene took place. This must be a formula to get the audience behind the main character.

The prodigy player eventually joins the team and well most of you know how it ends. They win the championship in dramatic fashion of course.

The movie was pretty good. It was harder for me to get really into it since I'm not the biggest basketball fan.

Fantasy Baseball: Yawkey Way Wicked Awesome

Yesterday I was shopping Dallas Braden and a slumping Wandy Rodriguez to trade for Jacoby Ellsbury or Rollins who are on the DL.

Today is a totally different story. As I was watching the Red Sox take on the Yankees they started talking about Dallas Braden. I then learned that he pitched a perfect game today against the Tampa Bay Rays. Looks like I might be holding on to him awhile longer. I would consider selling him high and play off his perfect game.

Thank You Dallas Braden for helping me win my match-up this week.

Red Sox vs Yankees

I watched the last two slaughter games in horror. I started to think that the Red Sox's spark from 2004 had finally run it's course.

For the third game, the Red Sox thankfully took it to AJ Burnett. Ortiz actually put the ball in play and even better it ended up in the stands. Okay it ended up in the stands after a bounce.

UFC Machida-Shogun 2

I am very happy with the outcome of the main event. Shogun deserves the championship and exposed some of Machida's weaknesses. I never thought Machida was a very entertaining fighter.

The Paul Daley incident where he sucker punched Josh Koscheck was completely uncalled for. Dana White announced today that Daley would never be back in the UFC regardless of his status in the sport. For the record, I don't like Josh Koscheck as the person he appears to be on television.

Kimbo Slice's run with the UFC is likely over after his disappointing lost to Mitrione.

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