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May 04, 2010

Reel Sports:The Natural

Reel Sports: The Natural

Cast: Robert Redford, Robert Duval, Kim Basinger, and Glen Close.

I surprisingly did find time to watch the classic Robert Redford flick during this week’s chaos.

I love how the film starts with a young Roy Hobbs playing catch with his father on the farm. The carnival challenge against Babe Ruth truly set the pace of the movie.

The whole plot with the mysterious woman shooting him with a silver bullet was a little much. Then again, the whole movie is filled with fantastical scenarios.

The scene where Hobbs knocks the cover off the baseball is a timeless classic. If I remember correctly the movie The Sandlot had a similar scene.

The storyline surrounding his bat he made out of a tree struck by lighting brought back good memories. The bat Hobbs named Wonder Boy made all young ball players think about it during any thunder storm.

Good triumphs over evil. Roy Hobbs helps his team win the pennant despite his old injury causing tremendous pain.

The shattered stadium lights showering the field like fire flies was quite the sight. Hobbs son tossing the ball around to end the movie was perfect.

The movie does a good job of incorporating everything that is baseball. The superstitions, inner office feuds, corruption, love interests, and of course the game winning home run.

Fantasy Baseball: Yawkey Way Wicked Awesome

My team sadly lost it's first game of the season. I must have jinxed my team after boasting about how the pitching was top notch. This week my staff let me down and I lost to a co-worker's team that shouldn't have beaten my team.

Bye Bye Ben Sheets, your lack luster performances has landed your on the free agent market. I picked up a hot streaking David Freese.

I have Manny Ramirez coming off the DL soon, so some tough choices need to be made about dropping another pitcher. As of right now, it might be Brad Lidge who came back from injury and pitched a horrific return.

Yawkey Way Wicked Awesome is still tied for first place, so I can still hold my head high. This week shouldn't be too bad as we take on a bottom dweller team.
The Wedding

My mother-in-law's wedding was at a park this past saturday. I was the wedding singer at the request of my mother-in-law. My wife and I sang It's Your Love by Tim McGraw for the first dance. The whole day was fun and I had one of my favorite dishes, chicken cordon bleu.

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