June 26, 2010

WWE Smackdown Recap & Review: June 25th, 2010

Opening Segment:

Teddy Long and Vickie Guerrero open the show with a backstage announcement. Long advised the WWE Universe that the new World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio would defend his title at Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Guerrero told the viewers that they would determine the eight participants in the Money in the Bank. The winner would obtain a briefcase for a shot at the World Heavyweight championship.

Guerrero said that Mr. McMahon was incapacitated due to the attack by the NXT rookies attack last Monday.

Drew McIntyre interrupted Guerrero and confronted Long about his demeanor concerning Mr. McMahon’s situation.

Long informed McIntyre that in light of McMahon’s condition he has obtained full power of the show. Long re-instated Matt Hardy and told McIntyre that he would be facing him tonight.


This was a fantastic way to kick off the show. I was glad to hear that Long and Guerrero would simply choose the eight MITB participants rather than the typical qualifying matches that are usually pointless squash matches.

The Matt Hardy/Drew McIntyre feud is terrible. Hardy is not a real threat to McIntyre these days. I suspect that when this feud ends, McIntyre will make a real run at the World Heavyweight championship.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see McIntyre win MITB match and ultimately defeat Rey Mysterio for the championship.

Jack Swagger vs. Big Show Match:

Swagger made his entrance without the World Heavyweight championship around his waist.

Swagger told the WWE Universe that he has filed a protest concerning his title loss at Fatal Four Way.

Big Show stalked Swagger and landed some huge shots. Big Show proceeded to sit on Swagger’s back when he was draped over the ropes for a four count. Big Show sent Swagger to the outside. Swagger attempted to mount a comeback but was met with a giant-superplex.

Big Show put Swagger’s left arm over the rope and held a hammerlock briefly. Big Show lifted Swagger with a wristlock and then dropped him. Big Show walked on Swagger who screamed in pain.

Swagger put Big Show in a guillotine choke but was quickly reversed by Big Show. Big Show threw Swagger from post to post and landed some splashes.

Big Show missed a clothesline and Swagger delivered a flying shoulder block on Big Show’s left knee. Swagger twisted Big Show’s left leg to inflict further damage on his knee. Swagger then dropped a huge leg drop. Swagger executed a Vader Bomb on a downed Big Show.

He went to the well one too many times when he attempted it again. Big Show caught him this time across his throat and signaled that he was going to choke slam him.

Swagger reversed it and rolled into an impressive ankle lock. Big Show got to the ropes but Swagger would not let go causing the disqualification.

Big Show looked like he was in immense pain as he struggled to his feet.


They finally start to book Swagger as a top heel after his championship run? They should have had Swagger’s mean streak come out during his original program with Big Show rather four weeks before his match with Rey Mysterio.

I liked Swagger’s ankle lock. It is a little copycat how they are booking him “Kurt Angle-like” but it works. Angle can’t claim the ankle lock either, since Ken Shamrock was using that on Bret Hart well before Angle came to the WWE.

Match Rating: 7/10

Dolph Ziggler, Curt Hawkins, and Vance Archer vs. Christian, MVP, and (IC) Kofi Kingston Match:

The entrances of the participants of the six-man tag team match took about five minutes itself.

MVP started the match with Hawkins. MVP used an exploder suplex to drop Hawkins and attempted to score an early pin fall.

MVP tagged in Christian who went right after Hawkins with several punches. Christian landed a leg drop and then tagged MVP back in.

Hawkins drug MVP to his corner and tagged in Ziggler. Ziggler attempted to sling Hawkins into MVP who was in the corner. MVP put up a leg that dropped Hawkins. MVP elbowed Archer by the corner and sent Ziggler to the outside.

MVP threw himself over the top rope onto Archer on the outside. Kingston delivered a suicide dive onto Ziggler on the ring apron. Christian finished the hat trick with a baseball slide on Hawkins that drove him to the floor.

Kingston attempted a pin fall with a botched sunset flip roll-up. Ziggler mounted some offense but it was quickly extinguished when Kingston hit a flying elbow. Kingston landed a drop kick followed by a Russian leg sweep.

Ziggler executed a classic Mr. Perfect neck whip. Ziggler tagged in Archer who worked to wear down Kingston.

Hawkins was tagged in and put Kingston on his back with a suplex followed by a pin attempt.

Hawkins tagged in Ziggler who stopped Kingston from tagging in a partner. He landed an elbow drop with a lot of height. Ziggler power slammed Kingston and taunted the crowd. Kingston was able to tag in Christian.
Christian dropped Ziggler with some shots to the face and a face drop. Christian choked Ziggler with his classic rope stretch.

Ziggler made a comeback and landed a famouser on Christian.

Christian landed a beautiful missile drop kick from the top rope.

Chaos broke out in the ring with both corners entering the fray.

Ziggler attempted to drop Christian with the Zig-Zag but Christian held onto the rope. Christian finished Ziggler with the Kill Switch. Christian got the victory for his team.


I was surprised that Christian got the pin fall. It appeared that they were going to heavily push Ziggler with his association with Vickie Guerrero, who wasn’t in his corner for this match.

The match was filled with back and forth action. One of the best matches the show has had in the last few weeks.

Ziggler, Christian, and Kingston are likely participants in the MITB match.

The other four will probably be McIntyre, Hardy, Kane, CM Punk, and Big Show.

Match Rating: 9/10

Kane Backstage Segment:

Kane screamed by an empty casket vowing to decapitate the head of The Straight Edge Society.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre Match:

McIntyre made his way to the ring with one of the coolest entrance videos in the WWE.

Matt Hardy entered the ring garnering a huge pop.

The match started with McIntyre yelling at Hardy. Hardy and McIntyre traded punches until McIntyre fell and rolled to the outside. Hardy drove McIntyre’s head onto the announce table. Hardy charged at McIntyre sending both of them through the ropes. Hardy then threw McIntyre into the ring steps and eventually rolled him back into the ring.

McIntyre turned it around and drove Hardy’s back into the ring post. McIntyre landed a back drop on Hardy on the outside. McIntyre yelled at the referee to start counting Hardy out.

Hardy made his way back into the ring. McIntyre stomped Hardy followed by mounted punches.

Hardy put a foot up when McIntyre charged at him. Hardy went to the top rope but was met by McIntyre. McIntyre executed a super Michinoku Driver from the top rope. He went for the cover but Hardy kicked out.

McIntyre put Hardy on the top rope and followed it with a super back drop. McIntyre went for pin using a lazy cover but Hardy was able to put his foot on the rope.

McIntyre continued to drop Hardy with some desperate offense in an attempt to get the win.

Hardy sent McIntyre over the top rope onto the outside when McIntyre was attempting his Future Shock DDT.

Hardy locked McIntyre up for a DDT on the ring floor when McIntyre drove him into the ring steps.

McIntyre looked to foot stomp Hardy’s head on the ring steps. Hardy tripped him causing McIntyre to take a vicious bump on the ring steps.

Hardy went to the middle rope when McIntyre pulled his leg causing Hardy to fall hard.

Hardy got the victory when he executed the Twist of Fate.

McIntyre was informed by Teddy Long that his Visa has expired and he was escorted from the arena by security.


I still can’t figure out why the internet community loves Matt Hardy. He looks like he is out of shape these days.

The match was terrific. Hardy and McIntyre sold their hatred well during the match. There were no high spots, they simply told the story with their moves.

The angle sending McIntyre back to Scotland unfortunately means the Hardy feud isn’t over. This angle may change the outlook however for the MITB match.

Match Rating: 10/10

Cody Rhodes In-Ring Segment:

Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris made their way into the ring. Cody Rhodes pointed out that the Divas voted him the most handsome WWE superstar. Rhodes made fun of Husky’s physique and called him the average man. Rhodes even pointed out that he didn’t get his looks from his father and mentioned his brother. He proceeded to make fun of the crowd and ringside employees.
He told the WWE Universe that they will now refer to him as “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

Guerrero & Ziggler Backstage Segment:

Ziggler told Guerrero that their relationship was supposed to be a two-way street. He told her that he feels that he gives and gives and doesn’t get anything back in return. Ziggler asked for a Intercontinental championship match.

Kelly Kelly vs. Rosa Mendez Match:

Rosa was in the ring jump roping when Kelly Kelly made her way to the ring.

LayCool made their synchronized entrance and walked over to the announce table.

Rosa continued to jump rope and Kelly delivered a Rocker dropper for the ultra quick win.

Kelly Kelly and Tiffany squared off with LayCool after Kelly Kelly threw the jumping rope at them.


It looks like Rosa is playing the Rosey’s super hero in training gimmick with LayCool.

LayCool’s entrance is absolutely annoying. Has anyone besides me noticed that Michelle McCool has saddle bag hips?

The match was pointless and the LayCool confrontation served little purpose to sell Layla and Kelly Kelly’s match.

Match Rating: 1/10

CM Punk vs. Kane No DQ Match:

CM Punk grabbed a microphone and told the WWE Universe as he pointed to his mask “this is the face of an innocent man”.

Punk tried to catch Kane as he entered the ring with a barrage of punches. Kane sent Punk to the outside.

Kane threw Punk on the padded guard rail twice. He then sent Punk on the into the ring side damaging his back. Luke Gallows attempted to interfere in the match but was sent to the guard rail by Kane. The masked SES member attacked Kane but he was sent to the guard rail as well.

The SES eventually got the upper hand on Kane. The SES threw Kane into the guard rail.
Kane mounted a comeback and neutralized the other SES members as he demolished Punk.
Kane cleared the announce table preparing to inflict pain on Punk. Kane choke slammed the Masked SES member onto the ring floor. As Kane was about to choke slam Punk, Gallows interfered. Kane choke slammed Gallows through the table.

Punk attempted to escape but was caught in the concession stand area. Kane threw Punk throw two wooden tables. When Kane threw Punk through the arena’s entrance doors, Punk ran off to evade Kane’s wrath.


Kane is looking like the monster he was a few years back. The match didn’t make SES look like a dominant group. Kane essentially beat down three men without any assistance.

This was the best episode of Smackdown since the Undertaker mystery angle started.

Match Rating: 7/10

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